Academic Mission

"Great Champions, are those who are driven to show and prove to the
world – just how good they are. "

The primary aim of our institution is to recognize the talent embedded in a child. We strive for academic excellence with compassion and care. We create an atmosphere of fun –filled, interactive method of teaching. In Sai, teachers are true friends, philosophers and guides for students. We nurture our tender saplings with love and care to create many a strong, faithful, patriotic citizens.

From a very humble beginning in 1989, the school has come a long way. Today we stand tall and proud and rest on laurel achieved in pursuit of excellence. Our school has the distinction of producing centum results from its inception.

Academic Plan :

The school follows specially designed curricular for KGs and Samacheer syllabus for classes I to Xth and Higher Secondary syllabus for the XI and XII.

Curriculum :

Our school is recognized by Govt of Tamil Nadu and follows the curriculum, which is in accordance with the specification given by the directorate of school education. In order to encourage Linguistic skill, we have made three languages compulsory for classes KGs to VIII. Apart from the field of academics, we encourage the students to take part in co – curricular activities.

Syllabus :

The syllabus is framed in such a manner that the students can develop their talent and hone their skill.


English, Tamil, Hindi, Maths,  Rhymes, Story Telling, General Knowledge, Health talk Nature talk,
Conversation and  drawing.

Pre – Primary :
I & II

English, Tamil, Hindi,  Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, General Knowledge, Physical Education and Drawing

Primary :
III to V Std.

English, Tamil, Hindi,  Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Physical Education and Drawing.

Middle School :
VI to VIII Std.

English, Tamil, Hindi, Mathematics, Science,
Social Studies, Yoga, Physical Education, Computer Science and lab activities

High School

English, Tamil or  Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Physical Education, Computer Science and Lab activities.

Higher Secondary School :

Part - I                            :   Tamil or Hindi
Part - II                           :   English
Part - III
Group – I                       :   Maths, Physics, Chemistry and
                                            Computer Science
Group – II                      :   Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Group – III                    :   Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and 
                                           Computer Science
Group – IV                   :   Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and
                                           Business Maths

Co – curricular activities:

The school gives ample opportunities to showcase their talents in the cultural competitions. Every year the cultural competition are held in January and the prizes are distributed in a fitting ceremony.

Structure of School :